Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We've Moved!

We moved to a new site starting in 2013.  Please visit our family at http://toddandlindseyfamily2013.blogspot.com/

Farewell to 2012...and to this Blog

So, come to find out Blogger has a limit to the amount of pictures you can upload onto your blog.  I hit my amount back in November.  I paid a small fee monthly to just finish out the year.  So, now were moving to a a new blogger site and will fill up our picture limit on that one too.  Farewell 2012!  Farewell to this blog!  See you in 2013 and on a new site! -T

Okay CUT!  This can't be the last picture on here!

See you on our new blog!

Save Anna Smiles

We hope Anna always has smiles like this. -T

Busting Out the Snow Suit

With Aunt Jackie and Aunt Kylee at our house, and a snowstorm that had come, it was a perfect time to bust out Mae's snowsuit.  She was a little unsure about the suit and even more unsure about the snow. -T

Aunt Jackie looks a little more ready to go than Aunt Kylee

She's can't move her hands

It was good that I shoveled this one row of snow on the driveway so she had somewhere to walk where she wasn't scared

Safe in the driveway

Aunt Kylee was not - let's just say Dad has some amazing aim (although I was aiming for her arm not her face)

Not liking the snow in her hair

The queen didn't want to walk through the snow

FINALLY a smile!

We built a snowman that was hard to pack the snow (or get stuff to stick  on it); here's Kylee making her attempt

This is as good of a snowman as we could muster up...sad...as expressed in Mae's face

Happier to be away from the snow

Even happier now

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Celebrating 400 Deja vu!

After getting to Celebrate Papa D's 400th career victory last year, I was able to go be a part of Coach Reynold's (my high school coach) 400th career victory celebration.  The night was actually planned to be a all former players reunion night, but it just so happened it was his 400th victory as well.  What are the odds?!    Aunt Kylee and Aunt Jackie watched the girls and Lindsey and I went for the festivities.  Lindsey didn't take advantage of the free Skyline afterwards.  Texans! -T

Congrats to Coach Reynolds!


If you look too fast, you would think it was #100, but rest assured...it was 400. 

Enjoying the New Toys

Post-Christmas we were all enjoying our new toys...-T

Dad was enjoying Josh and the Big Wall (specifically the Song of the Cebu) and enjoying it with the girls

Mae was enjoying her additional zoo animals, so much that she didn't even notice Mom doing her hair (or she's just  REALLY sweaty)

Anna was enjoying locating the camera, and Mae was also enjoying her new kitchen area in the  family room

And Mom was hiding enjoying her new iPod in peace. =)

Christmas 2012!

As always, Christmas was a very full and tiring day, but it was filled with lots of fun and happiness!  If there was any sadness or drama, we don't have any pictures to remember it by so I want to say that there was none. -T

Christmas Morning...
Not a bad start to the day when we got them BOTH to smile at the same time!

I want to say they look better than the scary pictures of me when I was a kid on Christmas morning

Enough with the pictures, let's get this party started!

From peas in her stocking to goldfish

Anna's First Christmas

Playing dress-up

Mae sharing her new doll

Happy Anna

Doesn't EVERYONE just LOVE Veggie Tales?  Josh and the Big Wall!

More zoo animals!

Already starting to line them up - so organized.

I was ALMOST able to take a picture without Anna noticing

Pausing the morning for a quick read

Anna!  You don't have to smile for EVERY picture!

Wanting to open "the big one!"

Buuuut...it freaked Mae out so Anna had to open it by herself (it was for the both of them)

Once it was opened - Mae did like it.  Mae played with her new toys...

...while Anna smiled for pictures.

I said, "Mae played with her new toys..."

"...while Anna smiled for pictures." 

Combining her toys into a great imaginary world

The bed was supposed to be for her new doll, but maybe she was already worn out for the day.

Off to Aunt Beth's...

Eyein' down Big Nate...or where he's going with that gift

Mae's no dummy - she knows who passes out the gifts

Enjoying the atmosphere

Enjoying others' gifts - and getting a little rest

Most people relaxing, Morgan and Mae wrestling, and I honestly can't figure out what Papa D's doing.  

The "no look" smile for the camera - or just having fun with Kylie an Uncle Brian

Mom getting a needed break...and Anna finding the camera JUST in time

Back home for a little more...

Papa D and Grandma Weez had dropped off their gifts beforehand

It goes perfect with their new kitchen

Mae's excitement could not be contained

What a great Christmas!  And we even ended the day getting Anna NOT to smile!